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Dear Hilton Hotels,

I am a new guest to your brand of hotels and I'd like to point out a few "pain points" during my stay. Now, let's be clear... by "pain points" I mean ... things I have come to expect in hotels that are apparently missing at the Washington Dulles Hilton.

I'm used to seeing the sign letting me know that they won't change my sheets without my specific request. Informing me that if I want new towels I'll be harming the icebergs, but just to leave my old ones on the ground... etc etc.

So, I was not surprised to see any of those polite messages in my hotel room, I was however surprised by the following:

I have performed a very informal and casual survey amongst my new colleagues... and it appears that nobody has a bathtub. Is this a bathtub-less hotel? I did not think this was something I would have to ask about when I check-in. It seems so personal to ask for a bathtub. Can't this just be an automatic?

I'm not looking for a luxurious tub. I don't need jets. I might not even use the tub - but is it so wrong to want options?

(2) Where does all my trash go?
My environmental friends I believe still love me even though I don't really recycle. I save cans, I save bottles (especially wine) ... but that's kinda where it ends. You usually know when someone wants you to recycle because of number of bins, subtle messaging, or perhaps bin size .... so I'm confused by the miniature trash cans that Hilton puts in the hotel rooms.

See the picture? Where do I put my trash? This baby is tiny.

I even did some googling "Hilton trash bin small size" and got one hit - that was not really appropriate ... but managed to also mention Paris Hilton. Thanks to the picture they provided, I do know we were both upset about the small size.

I'm sure I'll have more of these comments going forward - so get excited.

Perhaps, I'd be less confused about these if room service had remembered to bring me my glass of wine with my pasta dinner.

Hopelessly Yours

p.s. also, Hilton thanks for losing power during the finals of Wipeout. I love watching America get covered in foam and run around in lifejackets before getting vaulted into the water.

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