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Last week, I did a blog post about my quest for web traffic from Vermont. With today being my first day of work, I figured I'd see how the statistics ended up. You might remember that I wanted to get visitors from 40 states before I went back to work. (Really Vermont, 9/9/10) (Goals Update, 8/31/10)

Well, last night I checked the traffic as of Saturday and I had only hit 36 states. I figured I'd give myself an unofficial extension to Friday to try and get those additional 4 states - and maybe maybe maybe Vermont.

Then, I wrote a blog post about the ETrade Baby video I had just seen. Often after I post a blog update, I'll do a Tweet about it as well. Then I'll check my Reinvigorate site to see if anyone is reading it. The great thing about Reinvigorate is that you can see if there are any "active"visitors on the site - Google Analytics does this as well but doesn't give you specific numbers. I got excited because I saw a lot more traffic coming in than normal - especially from Google.

Then I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I checked and saw the following:

Visitors from 40 states!

So, thank you to the YouTube baby for delivering me some more traffic .... even though you couldn't bring me Vermont. Maybe people in Vermont don't like TV or babies or ETrade.

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