Making pasta!

One of the things on my list was to make your own pasta.

Now, I know I said I wanted to accomplish a lot of these before I went back to work but hey, beggers can't be choosers right?

Let's all ignore the fact that I spent my summer reading, sunning myself, tending to my garden, and drinking wine.... and that I had plenty of time to make pasta.

Moving on. Last Saturday night, I decided to make the grand attempt at pasta. To be clear, the attempt was completely fueled by an incredible blog post I stumbled upon when looking for dinner ideas. A Cozy Kitchen did a breathtakingly delicious post for Sweet Potato Ravioli.

My own pictures documenting my process don't even compare to ACK's but ... since we all know how much I love to document.... I'm still going to share them and hope you forgive this picture heavy post.

Can you believe that pasta is made with flour and water. FLOUR AND WATER. Nothing else.

Here is my beautiful ball of pasta dough!

The filling for the ravioli was freshly mashed sweet potato, with butter, bread crumbs, and tasty cheese ... and love. I put some love in there as well.  Doesn't it look delicious? (Say yes.)

 I've never been so great at rolling dough - and the fear of covering my parents kitchen in flour definitely added a small level of stress to the roll out. But after dividing the dough into two portions and going to town, we ended up with about 18 raviolis.

Ta-dah! Here is the finished product. Please don't compare them to the one's on ACK ... I wish I could blame the lack of beauty on wine consumption ... but I can't. I didn't have a single drop.

Into the pot you go.

The meal itself was delicious. I didn't believe the recipe when they said the meal was super filling - but it was. I could only put away 3 or 4 myself.

I'm super happy that I finally attempted to make pasta - and I will definetly do it again. I can't wait to experiment with other flavor combinations this Fall ... and in other seasons as well :)

End result:
- one more thing off my list
- flour all over the kitchen
- conquered pasta

Next up? Perhaps gnocchi ....

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