Modern Family

The return of fall is only okay for a few reasons, of which here are a few:
- red wine
- fire pits
- autumn colors

but also because of Fall tv premieres. I waver in whether I'm a huge tv watcher or not - and often it depends on whether or not I'm near my Tivo. My Tivo hasn't been set up all summer since I STUPIDLY upgraded to the new Tivo. (Unbeknown to me, you need a special card for the Tivo... and a wireless adapter ... and a sign from heaven practically in order to set it up)


I'm super excited for MODERN FAMILY to be back! I caught an episode last night and was reminded of what a great show it is. I love how each episode ends with some sort of family bonding. Tears people. Tears. (Well not really, but you know)

So in the spirit of loving on Modern Family... I'm going to share 3 clips with you.
1) one of the best known clips!

2) one of my fav clips!

3) sneak preview!

I can't wait to see what Phil Dunphy does this season. I see some giggles coming my way.

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