I'm a perfectionist

Ok, I'm really not - we know that... but I do love a good art project. Since I'm about to rejoin Corporate America, I'm pretty sure that art projects won't happen much in my near future.

I'm not artsy like my sister Kerrianne - she is really an artist. I'm artsy in a "geometric I can do this on my computer" sort of way ... yes, I know that doesn't make much sense. I like to quilt (when I have time) and take pictures. I've even been known to make t-shirts ...


My little brother came home from school this week and announced that he needed to cover his Math and Science book like they do every Fall. When I was growing up, we would cover our books in old Laura Ashley wallpaper. Obviously very girly. Obviously not going to work for an 11 year old boy.

Needing a project to do, I offered to help. In looking at our paper bag stash I saw a pile of Whole Foods, Shaws, and generic paper bags ... and then I saw two perfect bags for the project. Patagonia and The Black Dog. (The Black Dog is a store originally from Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard)

After getting Jake's permission for the project, I covered his two books in these old bags and gave them a new life. A new life that didn't consist of holding recyclables or sitting on my shelf. Admittedly I was surprised when he okay-ed the idea since he tends to hide from "labels" or anything "polished" these days - but he was on board and I was excited.

Here are two pictures of the end result:

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