Really Vermont?

You might remember a week or so ago I did a blog post about wanting to get visitors from 40 states before I went back to work. (Goals Update, 8/31/10)

In the event you don't remember, here's a quick summary. People from 33 states visited my blog. Nearly all of New England has swung by for a gander ... or a peek... or to look at a video... but not Vermont.

A friend/mentor of mine, Adrian, even tweeted about it for me ...

... and then I was the only person who retweeted it :)

I'm not holding a grudge against Vermont, I'm really not. They have lovely maple syrup, foliage, and rumor has it skiing although that's not something I'm interested in - but please Vermont .... send one visitor to my blog.

Here is where I stand as of today:

Thank you Michigan for visiting the ole blog. You've been a real peach.

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