1 million dollars

Do you have a meal that totally restores you?

I do... and you are looking at it.

Macaroni and Cheese makes me feel like a new woman. I know that sounds pretty significant but I mean it.... 100%.

Now let's be clear. I love M&C but not all m&c are made equal. Taking a quick poll of my living room, there are a variety of favorites ... Stouffers and Auntie Annie's stick out. I will pretty much each any type of Kraft Mac & Cheese they make. When my brother was a toddler I didn't even pretend that the Blue's Clues version was him ... I owned it. I loved having a little blue paw in my dinner.

Probably my other favorite Kraft version is fondly known as the "green wigglers" and has also been discontinued ... as far as I know. But to be honest, I also had to give up m&c for a few years in order to support my love of wine. I can only take so many guilty pleasures - and frankly wine can be consumed with others and I don't like to share my Mac & Cheese ... as is evidenced by the picture below.

I'm not the least bit embarrassed either to share this picture with you.

Especially since I feel like one million dollars again.

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