An odd bunch

Since I've been working in NYC, I would get really excited if I saw a celebrity. I would even blog about it if I could identify the actual name of the person. I didn't really have much in the way of expectations for this weekend getaway for celebrities. My expectations were to soak up some sun, get some sleep, and take some pictures. I can successfully say that we've done that... and more.

Along the way, we've run into a handful of celebrities that could not be more different from each other. It almost sounds like a joke to list of their "professions" together. A fame-whoring father, a comedian, and a (iron) chef.

The Fame-whoring Father. Spotted Michael Lohan at the pool on Friday morning with some tramp-like blonde girl. I was standing at the pool's edge talking to baby sister in the chair when I kind of locked eyes with this gentleman who was wearing far too many articles of clothing for a hot pool day. I told her that I was 98% sure it was Michael Lohan. Not being able to make the connection or recognize him, she decided to say loudly "Lohan" to test it out. Needless to say, she trusts me now. (Side note, I did some googling... and it turns out that he was in town to speak at a center for troubled teens. WTF).

A few samples of his crazy influence? His son wants to change his name. Has a crazy ex-fiancée who was was a tabloid reporter.

The Comedian. We heard from the Gift Shop lady that Jay Leno would be in town for this antique car show that the resort was having this weekend. I'm not sure we expected to see him being as this is like a gazillion acre resort and I'm pretty sure I'd lose Baby Sister if we didn't have cellphones. BUT, this morning while hanging in the Palm Court I smiled at Jay Leno ... and he smiled at me.... or maybe we both smiled at the same time?
Mr. Leno is the guy in the Navy jacket with grey hair over my shoulder. Prettttty exciting.

The Chef. Last night we went to dinner at Marimoto, a sushi restaurant on the property. The restaurant is run by the Iron Chef Marimoto - baby sister's favorite Iron Chef. She was pumped enough to eat there ... and tonight she got to see him in person. Although this picture shows how close she got, it was still a victory.

Tomorrow is our last day at the Wally and I guess anything is possible based on what we've seen so far... but I'm half hoping for a quiet last day by the pool :)

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