Making Girlfriends

I was caught off guard at work on Monday by a new friend. 

She asked me how I would describe myself. I'm not sure why I felt caught off guard by this, especially since I feel like I know myself pretty well these days.

I think I stumbled out some answer that started with fleece. Included sweatpants. And ended with the Ocean, of course. In hind sight, I realized that made me sound very lazy maybe? So I quickly added that I spent some time in Yosemite during my gap in jobs.

I think I need to work on this answer for the future. I have the answer prepared for the following respective parties:
  • employers
  • landlords
  • doctors
  • attractive boys
  • parent's friends
But, I have never "prepared" the answer for someone that I was potentially courting as a future friend.

I'm not sure what I'd really add to the fleece / sweatpants / ocean combo. Maybe that I enjoy cooking, a day at the beach, beverages that come with straws, and covering myself with blankets? I'm not sure.

I think she likes me just fine anyway. Minimal risk. She responded really well to the sweatpants line.

Image Source: via JEF on Pinterest


  1. I just recently made a bunch of "new friends" via a mom group I joined and for sure it was awkward to start. But once we all realized that everyone thinks that sweatpants are the best then it was all so much easier. But seriously, the ones that said they didn't really wear sweatpants were ousted from the group.

    1. I fundamentally don't get people who don't like sweatpants. It's confusing to me. I'm all for ousting the moms who can't hack it :)


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