The Scenic Route

Here are the facts...
(1) I don’t have a car.
(2) I needed to get my eyes checked.
and lastly
(3) I can run several miles easily.

Knowing these facts, it doesn’t seem like such a *bad* idea to run to my eye doctor’s appointment in Belmont does it? I didn’t think so. I mean, I also still think it wasn’t a terrible idea to run there…. I do think it was a terrible idea to even think about running back. Thankfully, I didn't.

As you may (or may not) know, I am a lover of the water, skylines, and sunset. This little jaunt to Belmont afforded me the opportunity to see all of the above and some pretty historical houses in Cambridge as well. My original plan was to take a more direct route through the middle of Cambridge, but the allure of running along the Charles was just a bit too much for me to fight. One thing I didn’t totally think about? How much longer thescenic route was going to be…. Answer = 1+ miles added on. Oh well, anything for a good sunset.

This looks good right?

I came to my senses (all 5 of them) leaving the doctor’s and elected to just run to Harvard and take the T home. Considering the fact that I fell asleep in the chair waiting for the doctor, this seemed like a wise decision. Apparently ,if my contact are out and my iPhone is nearly dead I see no reason to remain conscious.

Bonus interactions?
  • A man belting out song lyrics as he was walking in Cambridge. And. I. Mean. BELTING. 
  • A girl wearing a black veil in the Park Street T Station. For reals. 
  • The amazing guys at Michael’s Pizza gave me this piece of pizza for FREE. Apparently when a hungry looking girl shows up at your place and looks devastated when you say you don’t take Amex …. You give it to her for free. Seriously, these guys were so sweet and said I didn't owe them anything – but I feel like I need to not only write a Yelp / Foursquare review but send them more than $1.75 in the mail.

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