Time for Seals and Sneakers

I (might) have a new favorite view.

And it's in a very unexpected location. A tourist location. And, I am not a fan of tourists.

Weird right? But it's gorgeous as you can see... and I didn't Instagram that at all (unlike I did the other day).

Since it's been bananas cold in Boston the last few days, I took advantage of the opportunity to take a mid-day run. Genius right? The sun would be out. Thus, I'd. Be. Warmer. You know it's been cold when 33 degrees feels down right balmy. 

Anyway. I pulled on my big girl warm running pants, the GAP striped hat I got in high school from a boy, and hit the ole pavement. Oh, and I put on several shirts. Since I'm afraid of looking for the seals at the aquarium in the dark.... it seemed like a natural destination for a mid-day jaunt. Purrrfect. 

I mean could these little suckers look any cuter? Answer: No.

Seriously. This last one who was like napping or something? Adorable. I almost forgot about my fear of them nibbling on my toes from Maine

More highlights from my day?
  • I "had" to stop my run twice to take pictures for tourists. I obviously stopped voluntarily. Thing is.... in Back Bay I would have been pissed. In the North End, I just find this awesome. I wonder when this feeling wears off? Probably in the spring.
  • I saw this older (read as elderly-ish) woman on my way to the Aquarium and thought "well her hair looks like an odd shade of grey". Then I saw her as I was finishing my run. Turns out, this sassy lady has a face tat. Yep. True story. According to my friend Dane, she also has a dog that she talks to like it's a person.
  • Less exciting? I was literally hit with some bread during my run. I guess it's the norm to feed the birds from your 2nd story window.
Also, I officially haven't left the North End since Monday. It's terrifyingly awesome. Today, I picked up my book from the Public Library and sipped on a latte at Boston Common Coffee. Come on that looks pretty dreamy right?

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