Nothing on My Schedule

Yep, that glorious looking piece of quiche is my breakfast. 

And, it's as good as it looks. I'm sitting with baby sister at one of the coffee shops in the North End, Boston Common Coffee, and we are just having some "quiet" time. It's pretty great. Plus I'm wearing one of my favorite fleeces.

Normally when I wake up on the weekend there is a list of things that I'd like to accomplish. And I want to start working on that list immediately. Today? Not so much. It's pretty awesome.

On my list? I plan on going for a good solid run (it's like super warm out) and going to Polcari's Coffee for well, coffee. I bought some Peruvian coffee there before NYE and it was really great. Other than that? I'm not sure. The world is my oyster. 

Speaking of Oysters.... Last night I grabbed some light bites at Rabia's with baby sister. We had originally attempted Neptune Oyster but had little patience for an hour wait. No thank you. I've got some sweatpants with my name on them. So instead we just saddled up to the bar at Rabia's and enjoyed ourselves some tasty goats cheese and oysters. Perfection.

Have I said yet how much I love the North End? Because I do. I really do.

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