(Window) Plastic Surgery

It got cold in Boston these last few days. Very cold. So cold, I haven't run a lick. I'm going crazy.

Wearing my wool socks seems no longer enough protection against the cold. I also moderately (significantly) refuse to turn on my heat. Quick mind flash to the window sealing kit... ok, now seems like a good time right?

So it seemed appropriate that I finally applied the plastic window film to some of my windows - specifically my bedroom. It got chilly up in here yo! When I was procuring this stuff from Amazon, I knew it wouldn't be an "easy" activity but I also figured I'm not an idiot. Right? I realize that if I'm going to seal my windows for the foreseeable future, I might want them to be clean. So I whip out my "green window cleaner". This stuff is just not as good as Windex. But, my window is suitably cleaner.

Spoiler alert? Applying the film is a job for 1.5 people. Not 2. Not 1. As you well know, I am just one person.

I didn't really look for many reviews of people applying the film but I will say the 3M guidelines are very simple and leave out any additional guidance. So if you are a person that thinks even the slightest bit about the activity, 3M isn't giving you any hints.

Here's the play by play of how this went down...

Step 1: Opening the box I find some double stick tape (what are we holding together prom dresses?) and a giant amount of plastic. Oh, but the box indicates I need to bring my own tools to the party. A tape measure, scissors, and a blowdryer. So this is only a project for girls apparently....

Step 2: Directions indicate I need to cut the plastic to fit the window. So I measure the window (63 inches) and cut the plastic. Easy enough.

Step 3: Double stick tape time. Directions indicate I'm supposed to put this around the window. Done. I start on the right, then the top, then go down the left side. ROADBLOCK. The bottom seems tricky. There is like this additional part of the sill. How do I handle this? Oh, I'll look at the picture on the box. 3M conspicuously leaves the bottom of the window out. Oh, I'll check the website. SAME INFORMATION. Is there a video? No. Seems like a great opportunity guys. Just saying.

I decide to wing it on the bottom. Whatever. It's just a window. I'm not stitching up wounds on the front lines. Sidenote: I have managed to lose a sock so far because I had to pick up my scissors with my toes or fear f-ing with the double stick tape. 

Step 4: Now its the big time. I pretty seamlessly manage to get the plastic stuck to the right side of the window and the top. Pretty proud of my strategy so far. As I'm unfurling this crazy thin plastic, I start to realize my home manicure probably has left me with some jagged edges that could rip this $18 piece of plastic. Try to put my fears aside.

Step 5: The directions tell you to keep adjusting the plastic to remove wrinkles. I can't decide at what point wrinkles are acceptable. I figure this is a practice window.  Looks good to me.

Step 6: I'm supposed to use my hairdryer to remove the remaining wrinkles. Being the person that I am I wonder the following "What setting? Low v High? Does it matter that this is an "ionic" blowdryer? Should I set it to cool at any point? How close should I get? How long does this step take?". 3M's instructions? "start at the corner".

I remind myself this is the practice window. It doesn't really matter. I am however thankful for the electrical outlet smack in the middle of the wall [see the next picture]. It makes this step a lot easier.

Step 7: Admire my completed window. Go ahead guess which window is covered in plastic. I dare you.

Estimated time to completion? I have no idea. Not long enough that I cared to measure. But I can say for sure I beat out the dude on Amazon that said one window took him an hour. 

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