Fishy Business for One

I haven't made anything myself recently ... at least that I both remembered to take pictures of ... and was worth writing about. It's been a busy month or so apparently. 

I ended up working from home today and while that was super awesome.... it makes one a little bit stir crazy at times. I fought off the cabin fever by going to lunch at one my new favorite neighborhood spots (Sal's Lunch) and by making myself a decent dinner.

Enter: Seared Tuna with Tomatoes and Olives ... and love. Oh, and roasted potatoes.

Corny? Maybe.

Delicious? Yes.

This was really easy to make and actually a great meal for just one person. Super easy to control the portion size and really light as well. I can see myself loving it in the summer and in the winter. Win... and Win.

I had all of the ingredients in my kitchen too - with the exception of the tuna steak. Since it was about negative one million degrees out tonight, I wasn't about to walk the half mile to Whole Foods for fish... plus I live in the North End. Culinary Adventures abound right? So I procured the fish at Mercato del Mare. Pricing was a bit steep for my taste but nothing you can do when you refuse to walk. I also grabbed some extra olives at Monica's Mercato. I am a fan of this little shop for a few reasons. One of which is they call you "bella". The other is the great selection. But the first reason might be my favorite :).

So this is how it all went down....

Before starting on the fish, I nicely chopped up some Yukon potatoes and tossed them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley. Tossed those babies in an oven set to 425. Based on the size I cut them, they took about 30 minutes. 

Yum. Slightly reminiscent of the potatoes that we had with our roasted NYE chicken named Greta...

As those tater babies were roasting away, I got to work on the fish. As an fyi, I like to prep my ingredients before... it makes me feel like I'm cooking dinner on morning tv when I toss them in all smoothly. Anyways....

  1. Got a skillet nice and hot with a little bit of olive oil. Seasoned my tuna with salt and pepper and tossed it right on it. I like my tuna more rare... so I just put it in long enough to sear both sides to a nice crust.... which was not long at all. Like less than a minute.
  2. Pulled the tuna off and tossed a 1/4 of thinly sliced onion in the skillet. Once that had softened up a bit, I put in about 2 cloves of diced garlic. Yep, I clearly wasn't expecting company tonight :).
  3. Now that my kitchen was starting to smell awesome, I tossed into the skillet the tomatoes, capers, olives, and red wine. Because I had elected to use fresh tomatoes as opposed to caned, I added a little bit of olive oil for juicey-ness.
  4. Then I covered this baby and let it simmer on medium-ish heat for maybe a bit less than 5 minutes. Pretty much just enough time to do the dishes I had already dirtied. Yep, I'm clean like that.
  5. With my potatoes already out of the oven and on my plate, I put the tuna back in the skillet to let it swim around in that delish sauce a bit. Think just long enough to put the tuna in the skillet and grab a spoon to move the tomatoes around a bit. So like a minute-ish.
  6. Move to that plate... and enjoy.
saucy business....

If you want to replicate my evening exactly do the following as well. Wear some large sweatpants over capri leggings and an equally large sweatshirt. Put on "Wheel of Fortune". Criticize Pat Sajak for showing his 17 year old daughter's country music video at the end of the episode. And plugging her website.

Here's a shopping list for you. I like to make your life nice and easy. If you'd like to make mine easy, you can find me some glorious striped sheets for my bed. I'm pining away for some currently.

Shopping List (for one person.... yep, it'll be a big party)
1 cup of Grape Tomatoes diced up or 1/4 of a can of diced tomatoes
2 cloves of Garlic
1/8 cup of Red Wine (for some people the type of wine matters.... I used what I already had open. I'm fancy like that)
1/4 of White Onion cut to thin slices
1 Tbsp Capers
Olives (like 8ish? you be in charge here. I like olives)
6ish oz tuna steak
olive oil
salt and pepper
baby yukon potatoes

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