(not) wild weekend

There are so many things I should and could be writing about.... but I'm not feeling much like writing.

Instead, I'll just share a few pictures of the weekend with some light commentary. Deal?

Sure hope so, because nobody is here to argue with me. I could be persuaded to write more if I had a chocolate brownie, but nobody made brownies and so this is where we stand.

I assembled a bunch of furniture recently ... that I of course bought from Amazon. Notice anything about how one of these screws doesn't match the other? Don't worry I overcame that challenge with a quick trip to my favorite hardware store.
See how that lamp just isn't enough light? Ok. Maybe you can't. But, I took an adventure to West Elm to check out some lamps and maybe buy some plates. End result? Fell in love with a lamp that was out of stock (of course). I'm still hoping the lamp finds its way between these two pieces of furniture.
Took a quick night run to visit some history. Man, I love some history and I love the city at night. Win and win. 
Just a petite margarita and some nachos. Ok, a petite margarita and more than some nachos. Honesty is the best policy.

Morning walk along the harbor with baby sister. It's one of my favorite things to do. Can't wait for spring and a little bit of sun to make it even better.
Lots of chili. Bring on the meat sweats. Had a small gathering of people over on Sunday night and consumed some meat and cheese. Next best thing to sharing chili with friends? Leftovers and lots of them. Guess I'll be eating chili for a few days....
What's in this box you ask? Oh, just a beanbag chair that I bought over Christmas vacation after too much wine. Well not too much wine, but enough that I felt this was a good decision. It wasn't. So I had to carry this big box a half mile across the North End to the UPS store tonight.

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