I ran to Southie.

I've had run a half-marathon on my bucket list for over a year. 

In fact, I have even signed up for one and then elected to not do it. Whatever. 

But, I've decided enough is enough and this bucket list item has gots to go. (Plus, it doesn't hurt that I've been doing some decent running recently... and that I actually have time to these days). So, I've just registered for the Hyannis Half-Marathon.

The kicker? It's at the end of February. So, it'll obviously be a balmy warm day. But whatever. I'm totally pumped. I've been hemming and hawing over signing up for this for a few weeks now. Yes, I've been running, but have I been running enough? Can I do this? It will be cold! But after the spastic weather Mother Nature gave us this week, I feel like I totally can. I ran when it was like 34 degrees(ish) and today I ran when it was MUCH warmer. In fact, I ran 10.5 miles.


My original goal was to run 6, then I mentally sent my mind to 8 miles. But I just kept going. And. Itwasawesomeamazingandwarm. As a slight disclaimer, I did elect to take a picture of what I saw at every mile. So that is why there are so many more "pause pins" on the map this time. I didn't reallllllly take all of those breaks but I also wasn't going to add a bazillion seconds to my times because of photography. 

Because I didn't wait for great pictures to happen, I literally took them of exactly what I saw in front of me-ish.... many of the 10 mile marker shots are lame sauce.  But here are a few that aren't of my sweating weird face:

Mile 2. Joseph Moakley Courthouse.

Mile 5. Pleasure Bay in Southie.

Mile 7. Nowheresville.

Mile 8. Downtown Boston. 

Some observations about what I saw? I found that mysterious FedEx facility in Southie that I can never seem to find in a car. I saw like a million people with dogs. Is it like a thing to have a dog in Southie? I saw someone rollerblading. ROLLERBLADING. Is this something people still do?  I have no idea.

I have this weird thing about people watching me run, so it'll probably be just me in Hyannis at the end of February and that's perfect. After all, it's *just* 13.1 miles.

I'll be starting on a killer playlist like yesterday because I'm pretty sure Kanye and Kelly Clarkson are going to need some help.

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