I’ve toyed a bit with resolutions in the past…. And tend to forget about them come February. Who is surprised there? Not this girl.

But this year I have two that I’m going to try and stick with:
(1) Make 52 new things I’ve never made before
(2) Send more cards in the mail

Originally, they were both “52”ers – but sometimes there just isn’t enough to mail about. I guess there anyways is… but whatever. I changed it and I’m in charge of me, so I can do that.

I’m not sure how I plan on tagging keeping track of the 52 recipes but I’ll find a way. Regardless, you can always see what I’ve made before on the “Kitchen Fun” tab above.

Thus far this year I’ve made a few things that you've seen so far... and things I'm still waiting to write about. In general, I tend to experiment a little bit each night with what I throw in some pasta or gnocchi but unless it seems worth documenting, I don’t think it counts as part of the 52. I’m sure the Interwebs would agree.

So there the are. My 2012 goals.

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