History Heavy Day

I'm warning you right now. This is a slightly picture heavy post.

If you don't like pictures, you should probably stop reading.

For the last day of my vacation, I elected to squeeze in some more history. I'll write about those days later but for now I want to be timely.... and I'm a little bit in love with some of these pictures.

It's a little bit harder to get in some history when the rest of Boston seems to be on holiday. Boo. So my attempts at "getting historical" had to be a little more creative. I had one failed attempt at history and 2 1/2 successful ones. I'll explain the half ... don't fret.

So, I've been a bit in love with the North End since I moved here. I routinely google "North End History" and crave learning more from old people on the street. Nerd alert right? Whatever. It's awesome. So while doing that yesterday morning, I stumbled across these great super old pictures of the North End on the Boston Public Library site. I figured I'd pick out ten of my favorites and walk around the North End and try to recreate them. Well, after attempting 4.... I gave up. Despite all the old world charm here, it is dramatically different from these pictures. I haven't given up for forever.... just temporarily. So that was my "fail". Slight Win? I stopped at Caffe Dello Sport for a latte to go. And yes, I did strategically take this picture to show the cannoli sign. 

In that same google search fun fest, I stumbled across the North End Historical Society. Win. Win. Win. I also learned they are having an event next week on the 12th.... which is free. Glorious. I signed up. The event is a talk / book signing for Dr. Eileen Botting and her book "Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston". Sounds great right? There is a chance it could be a total bummer, but I'm willing to risk it. So that is my "1/2 successful" event.

Copp's Hill has a pretty incredible history.... that matches the great ocean view. I spent a fair amount of time here wandering between the rows, reading the signs, and avoiding tourists. There are an estimated 10,000 people buried here.... as in ... right... behind... my apartment. Phenomenal. Plus, there is so much to be learned from the engravings that people had on their headstone. My favorite? The Weeping Willow. I'm a sucker for Weeping Willows.

Despite the cool weather and fairly good breeze, I decided I needed to put on my running pants and go for a run. See apparently Boston just got the memo that it's winter and subsequently it's going to be quite cold the next few days. Boo. The run itself was pretty decent. At some points when I'm running, I think I've had enough and am ready to go home... and then I remember that I haven't seen the aquarium yet or run past Paul Revere's house or [insert other great place] .... and so I run some more. 

Bunker Hill was pretty neat... and here's your obvious fact of the day. It's got a great view. Plus, Charlestown is a whole lot cuter than I expected. I think whenever I think about Charlestown I think about the movie "The Town" with Ben Affleck. These two are super different.
Colonel William Prescott's silhouette looking out on Boston. He's famous for having said "Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes"
Yep, this is pretty impressive. No, I didn't climb it. Maybe another day.

So, I think you get the gist that my day was pretty baller and historical. It was a pretty picture heavy day and I love that. I've only been taking pictures on my iphone because I feel like a tourist if I take out my big camera. I'm sure I'll get over that fear eventually. 

I leave you with this gem. Sunset from the Boston Aquarium. Yeah, I instagram'd that a bit.... but believe me.... it was pretty much just this pretty on its own.

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