Couch please.

This is actually the second time I've tried to write this post. 

The first time I sounded like a whiner. I wanted to tell you about falling during my run on Sunday, how I don't have hot water in my apartment, and how I've been sick for the past 2 days. I did also want to tell you that I took a fabulous run (my longest yet) and saw the seals at the aquarium.

But, in actuality all I really want to talk about is the following:
(1) I watched 7 hrs of Downton Abbey yesterday and I love it.
(2) I discovered a hole in my uggs.

I'd heard a lot about Downton Abbey but hadn't really gotten around to watching it. Well, I went home sick from work yesterday late morning and it seemed like the perfect activity. If you are at all a fan of Pride and Prejudice, you will love love love it. But, I've heard that its getting more positive feedback than just from P&P fans. It took me about 7 hrs to polish off the first season, and I'm super pumped to get settled in my nest of pillows for Season Two. I plan on filling my glass with grape gatorade and snuggling in nice and tight. I just need to know what happens with Mary and Matthew, the fighting between the sisters, and does Mr. Bates ever kiss Anna?!?! Seriously. I needs to know.

I also need to know what to do about my Uggs. I feel like I've taken great care of them for the past 4.5 years (wow, I didn't realize it'd been that long) and I'm bummed that I've got a hole in the toe. I guess I have an over-active hammer toe that just really wants to see the light of day? 

Instead, I'm going to try and have a relatively productive afternoon before I return to my couch immediately after work. The goal for tomorrow is to look healthier because apparently no amount of bronzer does that for me. I learned this today when someone told me that I still looked sick. Helpful right?

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