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I have this really weird habit about wanting to wear my bathing suit to the airport.

It just feels like it makes the vacation last longer. But, then it leads to me trying to change in the airport ... and that's just borderline terrible. Although I'm great at it after all my time traveling to Philadelphia. Not to brag or anything.

The All Girls Vacation in FLA was pretty great. My aim is to edit pictures on the plane home so they don't linger for weeks and weeks.... but we'll see. After a day in the sun my body wants to curl up, hug my ipad, and fall asleep.

If I was to summarize the trip in 10 phrases / words / experiences they would be:
morning beach walks.
drinks by the pool.
card games on the deck.
the jasmine arbor ... that smelled amazing.
watching two turtles consummate their love.
loads of lizards.
family time.
hair braids.
simple fun.

Spoiler alert.... the summary of this trip (if there is one that is. sometimes I get lazy. we know this.) will be picture heavy and text light. But that's what happens when you don't wear shoes for 4 days and alternate between bathing suits.

No complaints here.

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