sunday amazing-ness

It's days like today that make me wonder why people stay inside. I mean seriously. It was gorgeous.

Sometimes I try to remember what I used to do on nice days when I lived in the Back Bay. I think I went to Crate & Barrel. Don't get me wrong, I love window shopping at C&B just as much as the next person .... but today I took a nap in a park and it was pretty great.

All in all the day was a giant win.

 My Dad came to visit his favorite (and only) daughters today. So it was only natural that we take him on a tour of all our favorite places. Do you know how amazing it is to sit on a bench and watch barges hang out in the harbor? I do. Because we did that.
Every day needs a little history ....
Sitting in the North End Park with a pile of magazines, a new book, the Alabama Shakes album on my iPhone... and an iced green tea from Boston Common Coffee. Oh, and I took a nap. I woke up with my blanket all cozily wrapped around my feet courtesy of the wind. Rather perfect ... and now my cheeks are a little pink from the sun. It's okay. 
Taking my first Hubway ride to someplace other than the Aquarium ... and crossing lanes of traffic. This is was a big accomplishment. 

Meandering afternoon run through Chinatown. Sometimes it's really nice to try a new route and get a little lost. Happened to stumble upon the Gourmet Dumpling House ... which must be super popular given the crowd outside.
Boston, you are crazy handsome.
A poor picture of an incredible meal. Prosciutto wrapped cod on a bed of sauteed shaved asparagus. And wine. There must always be wine.  

I'm almost okay with the fact that tomorrow is Monday. Almost.

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