patience and tulips

I bought myself tulips yesterday at Whole Foods.

I was standing in front of their poor excuse for a “floral department” and sizing up my options. What I really wanted were peonies because they remind me of girls dinners during business school. 

Let me set the scene. My friend Meghan would invite me over to her apartment and present some phenomenal meal that she just felt inspired to make. There would be wine, perhaps some light fluffy popovers, drool worthy meat / chicken / etc …. and excellent company. Oh, and there would be an adorable dog named Dixie that would only want to eat brie. 

In the end, I selected some yellow tulips that had not bloomed yet. My thought process was that by the time they bloomed it’d be Wednesday, which would mean it was that much closer to the weekend again. 

It’s my way of teaching myself to be patient.

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