blooming delight

Oh man. I love myself a blue sky day and blooming trees. I mean who doesn't right? 

Crazy people.

I was on my way to yoga class tonight and walked down Prince Street as opposed to Parmeter Street... which took me past these glorious Magnolia trees by accident. Amazing accident. Look at those amazing big branches. Perfect for climbing on right?

Now a days my parents live in a house by the beach. It's great. But, when we were growing up we lived in a house that was not near the beach but had a killer backyard .... and an amazing magnolia tree. I'm not sure how long these suckers bloom for but it isn't for a super long time. And when the blooms are gone, its just like a pile of brown weird petals on the ground. Anyway, back to the good stuff. Those branches. 

I loved to climb them. But of course not very high because ... well that'd be dangerous. I prefer to be a safe distance from the mulch or freshly fallen snow. Thankfully, I can show you evidence of this because last Fall I scanned about 1200 family pictures while watching endless amounts of How I Met Your Mother and Friends. 

check out our sweet early 90s brightly colored snowsuits. Holla.

I challenge you to find a more adorable blonde in Oshkosh jean "shortalls". If only I could still pull that look off.

You can see that I clearly had a favorite branch.... and a maximum climb height. And since 3 pictures of magnolia trees isn't enough.... here is just one more that I took today:


  1. where can I find an adult sized snowsuit like yours?

  2. Wow. That brings back so many memories of the old home. Thanks for scanning the photos. Please get them all scanned so the memories will always be around


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