weekend update

This is my weekend in six pictures. Ready set go.

The sun through the Cherry Blossom trees in Christopher Columbus Park. I went home on Friday night and thanks to daylight savings and the whole planets rotating.... it was still gloriously light outside. Perfect for a quick stop to see the seals, enjoying the park for a minute, and grabbing Auntie Annie's pretzels before getting on the train. BTW, when did these pretzels get so pricey? 

Light in my life. Candles, fire, and couch time. Boston College was playing for the national championship on Saturday night and so it seemed natural that we have an indoor tailgate. My special hotdogs, some burgers, potato salad.... and eating off throw away plates. Baby sister made a delish strawberry shortcake like dessert that really hit the spot. The evening was great, but it was made even better by capturing the big W. (Remember the last time BC won?)

Lots of relaxing lazy time. Just like Rabbit the Cat soaking in the afternoon sun.

I enjoy running by myself but that is really due to the fact that I'm very self-conscious when I run. On Sunday when I announced I was going for a run. My little brother said he was coming and there was no changing his mind. Well, he did a great job and put in a solid 4 miles (!) on his first ever run. Oh to be a teenager again. Just kidding, those days were miserable. I'm happy being 28.

Thanks to the efforts of the ladies that live in our yard (chickens....), we never have to buy eggs as a family except for Easter. Hopefully they appreciate our efforts. My favorite egg is the Irish one... I need to work on my wax skills for next year.

Sunset on the water in Boston. Baby Sister and I took our first Hubway ride yesterday and managed to capture sunset, see the seals, and try out the bike lanes. All in all a raging success. Can't wait to do this more often on warm summer nights. 

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