anatomy of my weekend

The weather today is bipolar. One minute its sunny, the next minute it is raining. On my walk back from the post office during lunch, it did both. I love a good rain shower with the best of them…. Because it tends to lead to some fabulous rainbows. Aren’t those just the best?

Answer is yes dummy. The upside of the rain was that I used it as an excuse to stop into Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe on Salem Street and buy myself something sweet. I have an undeniable weakness for chocolate covered pretzels. Especially ones that are made in candy stores.

When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Sunday. Maybe it’s just because I was wishing for another day to do just whatever I wanted and treat myself real nice. This weekend was a little bit of that sprinkled with couch snuggles, some downward dogs, and countless cups of coffee. Amazing right?

Some bullet point highlights?
  • Nice and sweaty Friday night yoga… followed by Kraft mac and cheese with baby sister. And wine. She recently told me that her philosophy is that “its okay to drink alone as long as you are cleaning or packing”. Her apartment is often quite spotless. 
  • Saturday morning drizzly yoga. There is something really great about watching my yoga mat unfurl itself when I know most people are still tucked in bed. It’s like the best way to wake up on the weekend.
  • Kitchen adventures that you can eat… or use to exfoliate. Making homemade body scrub was a great decision and not to brag, but I smelled amazing. My friend LA Kristin always has the softest skin. Like fresh out of the womb soft. This body scrub gets me one step closer to that. 
  • Palm Sunday mass with loads of Italian women. No better occasion for your hairpiece and best fur that a holy day in the North End. 
  • Taking up all the pedicure chairs at the local salon. Nothing quite says “we come in force” than occupying 100% of the chairs. Holla.

Besides the body scrub, the other kitchen attempt was blue cheese kale risotto. It. Was. Amazing. So good that I had it again for lunch today… and might even have it for dinner. I can’t control myself around leftovers.

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