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I realized a few weeks ago that it has been probably months and quite potentially a year since I watched MTV.

For someone who used to love a solid marathon of faux-reality stars challenging each other in dance duels or poking each other with sticks as they try to balance while terribly hungover….. this is a long time.

I am quite sure that I can thank my time with Big Blue for removing MTV from my life. For some reason the majority of the hotels I stayed in over that span of 14 months found MTV / VH1 to be too expensive, trashy, culturally insensitive, or perhaps all of the above.

Well, I just watched 1.3 episodes of “The Jersey Shore” and I feel like I’ve mentally regressed a few years. I regret breaking my streak. See, as I write this I’m on a Jet Blue flight from Boston to Tampa to surprise my mom and Aunt on their “Girls Only Vacation”. Long story short, my mom asked me to go on this vacation and I couldn’t, then I could, then I figured it’d be easier to lie about it all and just make it a surprise. I actually thought it’d be my way of teaching my mom that I have real work responsibilities and need more advance planning for surprise vacations. As I was telling this proudly to a friend, she piped in “wait, you really think you can teach your mom a lesson?”. I stand corrected. I’m teaching nobody anything except how to surprise relatives with your presence in Florida.

The best part about this surprise might be the cover-up. My dad called me no less than 3 times this week to tell me how he wanted me to video tape the reaction. I also had to “unfriend” my mom and my aunt on Foursquare so they wouldn’t see that I had checked into Logan Airport before sunrise. Yesterday I inadvertently checked-in to the Spray Tan place and then had to quickly check into 4 other places so I could cover my digital tracks.

You might be wondering why I didn’t just not check-in, but I couldn’t do that. I strongly believe that one day I’m going to be accused of a crime and I’ll be able to use my Foursquare history as an alibi.

So, long story short. I’m in Tampa. I am planning on drinking a lot of ice coffee, falling asleep in the sun, and annoying my mom by practicing yoga on the beach cottage’s deck in the mornings.

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