long short week

taken on Anna Maria Island in FLA one glorious morning this week

I don't have much to say today.

I'm pretty pooped. I rode "my" Hubway bike three times. I also went to the Aquarium twice.

It's actually been quite busy. I knocked out several errands before 8:30 AM including getting my blood checked and going to the Post Office. I did manage to forget to bring my Drivers License with me during the course of the entire day. Oddly enough the Post Office is satisfied with my work ID as a form of identification ... but I can visit a doctor and get blood taken by simply reciting my birthdate. 

I'm thankful it's Thursday. It's been a long short week. I was on vacation for 40% of it but I'm still craving making a giant pot of coffee and pretending to organize my office.

I'm planning on spending the entire work day tomorrow building a killer "at home" playlist. And by killer, I mean I'll probably just ask my sister for help, maybe. What do I plan on doing with the playlist? I'm going to have a cozy home night and organize my life a bit tomorrow. It's that time when everything seems to require a touch-up... and by touch-up I mean I need to remove the piles of clothes and fleeces that I've piled into my cozy chairs. 66% of chairs are currently affected with this "pile" issue.

Goals for this weekend?
- De-clutter my chairs
- Eat pistachios while I do my laundry like a cool kid
- Visit the seals
- Deep condition my hair (and drink some wine)
- Make / Cook something edible for my landlord
- Think about maple syrup
- Investigate when I'm quitting cable
- Buy myself some flowers

Seems like a reasonable list no? I feel like it's going to be a great weekend.

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