junior year of college

You know that point in the social interview process where someone asks you to "describe yourself"? 

In the last few months I've been through this exercise a few times, specifically this time. Then there was this other time that I was on a flight back from Phoenix and made this phenomenal list of things that also made me happy.

I have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook, a Twitter .... and this blog that I guess are all used to express (I don't like that word here really...) who I think I am, want to me, try to be, etc. And given the amount of time I spend in stretchy pants and the discussions I'm willing to have in public it is quite clear that I don't really care what people think of me, provided they don't describe me as gross. I'd take offense at that.

But, yesterday I was cc'd on an email of a friend describing me to a new acquaintance that I should know. (Read this as, meet my fellow old girlfriend who is also interested in a roommate for this wedding.) Now, get ready for some narcissism and self-promotion. 
Jen is my first friend and best friend at/from Boston College. She loves to run, cook/bake, drink wine, wear fleece and sweatpants, and visit the New England Aquarium. She sailed on the varsity sailing team at BC. She went to BC business school and now she works for <redacted> and lives in the North End. The first summer I lived away from home, I worked in New York City, and she baked a batch of cookies and mailed them to me in a pretty box. That's the kind of girl she is. 
For the record, on my personal "business" cards, I describe myself as "bacon addict. interweb fan. coffee lover."

Carrie doesn't need a roommate for the wedding since... duh she's the BRIDE. But if she did, I would tell people this:
Carrie is my first friend that I met in college. For the record, she tricked me into joining the sailing team  our freshman year and backed out. I think another friend promised her a Snickers bar to say yes initially and I'd like to note that the during the first sailing practice it was snowing sideways. I'll never forget a lot of memories that we have created over the last 11 years; however, I'd like to call attention to the following:
  • ... gently pulling me to our philosophy class all of sophomore year despite the fact that the grad student was totally stoned, didn't have a TV and Golden Girls was shown at the same time
  • ... pulling our first all nighter writing terrible sociology papers our freshman year. I think we took shots of Mylanta? This is true. I was clearly wild.
  • ... when she told me at a Dunkin Donuts on Rt 9 that she was transferring to Harvard. I cannot drive past this DD without remembering sitting at that little table for two and assuring each other we'd manage the "distance" between Cambridge and Brighton. I think we did just fine.
  • ... never making me watch the ending of "A Walk to Remember" because she knows I like to be happy and hate watching sad movies
Carrie and I have had some really great times together that range from attending a Britney Spears concert to eating her mom's lemon cake on Nantucket. One time we went out to get a Nintendo Duckhunt gun and came back hours later having spontaneously visited all the historical sites on the highway between GameStop and BC. I will also never forget that when she found out I had been through an inevitable yet bad break up, she hoped in her car and brought me a care package that included all the things she felt I needed. That's the kind of girl she is.
Man, we are getting old. I'm totally okay with it.

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