worth waiting for

 Check out these babes.

On Monday’s rainy morning, I adored them in their pre-bloom glory. I loved them then.

And each day this week, they’ve gotten more and more yellow. Maybe that’s my imagination. I do have a pretty baller imagination. It’s why I start to laugh / cringe / gasp the instant someone starts to tell a story or joke. It’s probably the result of long car rides as a kid when we made my mom make up stories about the family cats smoking cigarettes behind the local CVS.

Anyway, yesterday I moved the tulips from my kitchen to my bedroom. I wanted to gawk at them as I got ready for dinner. So this morning, I woke up to a blue sky day and glorious yellow tulips on my bedside table. Pretty great if you ask me. I took a quick run to see the seals and then spent the rest of the pre-work morning drinking coffee on my bed, watching Italians in the street, and perusing the news on my iPad.

This weekend, I’m going to a floral “class” or something at West Elm. Double crossies for some peonies or other beautifully layered flowers. 

P.S. You can't see it.... but I was drinking out of a Snood coffee mug. HELLO COLLEGE FLASHBACK!

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