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Do you ever feel like your balance is just "off"? That's how I've felt this week. Just like I was off balance. 

I mean there are actual examples of this. On Monday (I think it was Monday), I fell over in the elevator unprovoked. Yes, this is 100% true. Despite being a relatively quite work week, I really cram in a lot of memorable moments. Probably memorable only to me. Of which, I of course take pictures of to send to people.

So, on this beautiful Fall Friday, I'm going to share a few of the pictures to share what my travel weeks normally consist of. Be patient, there are 12 pictures.

Monday morning. Flying over my hometown. So pretty. Love the ocean.
Monday morning. Landing in Philadelphia. The flight was twice as long as normal due to poor conditions, which they weren't lying about apparently.
 Monday morning. A Liberty Bell made out of LEGOs. Pretty much awesome. Terminal A at PHL has more things for tourists to enjoy since its the international terminal. There is also a clock made out of Yuengling bottles. Too bad its too big for a living room. I do love Yuengling.
 Meal time. I love to eat as many meals as possible from Wegmans, the grocery store. On Monday, I get this delicious salad that has dried fruit, blue cheese, apples, and cranberries. So amazing. Dear Wegmans, please infiltrate the Northeast. We would love you up here.
Rental Car Love. I've thought about doing a rental car blog post for awhile because they really make or break my week. This week my car had a sunroof.... and I love having a sunroof. I kept it open as much as possible. Even when it was raining. Yes, I guess that makes me a little bit crazy.
 Sometimes Hertz blesses me with a great rental car. This week they gave me a giant Yukon. I am but one person, but this was pretty great. Although, this car was for all intents and purposes a truck and I'm not sure I have much experience parking such a large vehicle. (Hint: I went to the back of every parking lot just to keep it easy)
 Evening Activities. There really isn't much to keep one busy and entertained in a hotel. I can only watch so much tv. So, I tend to "play" at nearby stores like Target and Lowes. One of the blogs I read, Young House Love, did a DIY framed piece using paint chips. This is my attempt for my new blue bedroom. We'll see how this goes. I'm cautiously optimistic. [Click the link to see how theirs finished up]. Another upside to blue colors, they all have fabulously nautical names. I'm a sucker for nautical.
 Customer Service is Key. It's so nice when someone learns my name. Plus, it's even better when they give me something nice. The hotel this week left a "welcome back" note in my room and a small gift certificate to Wawa.
Care Packages. I love making care packages for people. Although sometimes I will legitimately mail myself something so I won't have to check my bag. It's worth the $7 I pay in shipping. Most of these boxes however are appropriately themed seasonal care packages. Don't be upset if you didn't get one. Everyone gets one at some point. Unless, you are Baby Sister. Then you get one every time.
First time for everything. Yesterday was stressful. I was starting to feel pretty sick with a nasty cold. It was a travel day. And. I lost my wallet for about an hour. I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but when you need to get on a plane in a few hours .... it's a long time. After running around the office for a little bit, I looked down and realized I was wearing two totally different shoes. This is 100% accurate. I have no idea I was like this. At least you can see my great pedicure? In the event you like the color, it's called "Can you tapas this?" by OPI.
 Airport food. In general this just sucks but I do have my rituals. I've recently been eating at a slightly healthier establishment in Philly, but yesterday was such a whirlwind that I decided I needed Auntie Annie's. While I do love this place, I would like to understand why none of their locations seem to be able to manage inventory. They are always out of pretzel sticks... and frequently out of nuggets. Newsflash: If you aren't out of pizza pretzels or pretzel hot dogs, but you are out of the other things maybe you should rethink what you are making.

So that was my week. I'm really hoping to sedentary this weekend and kick this cold. Why? Cause I'm going on a grand adventure to Vermont next weekend! So stay tuned interwebs, there will be some fall foliage pictures coming your way.

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