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It's Monday and the end of a busy travel day.

I have a lot of personal goals this week that I'd like to accomplish... but here is a quick summary of my weekend. Since everyone loves bullet points, I'm going to use them. If you don't like bullet points, leave my blog immediately. (Actually please don't. You'd miss my interweb humor and beach pictures)

Weekend Accomplishments:
  • Cleaned out my Tivo. I love me some Modern Family, Happy Endings, The Office, Parks & Rec ....
  • Went to the Boston College Football game. Another loss. Le sad BC. Please pull it together. I believe in you, but I have a hard time motivating for games when you don't motivate for the points.
  • Made bunches and bunches of cookies. My favorite recipe and they are addicting. I had to fend of family members who know how alluring and addictive my trademark delights are.
  • Attempted lasagna for the first time. Lesson learned? More sauce. In the spirit of my good friend Meghan, I made artichoke lasagna. Thankfully my dad and little brother don't really know what artichokes are otherwise they'd probably protest and eat around them. Since they don't know what they are.... they now have dinner for a few nights this week.
  • Ran zero times. I was just too tired all weekend. Silly travel and allergies.
It almost doesn't need to be said.... but I walked the beach as much as possible. The lighting was super neat on Sunday morning and that is when I took this picture I included above. I have several more from that day that I'll include over time, but spoiler alert... the clouds were crazy neat.

I'm in NYC this week and its so refreshing. I hope to try and get to a few of my favorite spots, like the High Line Park and Union Square Greenmarket, before I venture back into suburbia. We'll see. I am a sucker for flowers and carbs ... and morning sunlight. Let's make it happen.

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