I'm not lame (most of the time)

My little brother doesn't think I've very cool. I mean I'm fine with that. I'm 28 years old. I can take it.


I can take not knowing all the cool YouTube videos. SNL sketches. Rappers. Etc.

Things I can't take? I can't take him thinking that I'm weak. Ok, I can. But when he didn't think I could do a pull-up, I knew I could prove him wrong. Thus, that's the reason for why I mugged for the camera while I hauled myself up off the ground.

I'd like to think he was impressed, but I think he was more just surprised :)
Sidenote: Apparently there is some guy named "Deadmaus" who sells $40 t-shirts. Little Brother thought I might be his cash connection for such a purchase. I'm not buying this for several reasons. Of which, Little Brother's insane growth spurts is one. This kid has seriously grown like a whole lot. Like a whole lot. I'll just keep supplying him with Mountain Dew Voltage, Chocolate Glaze donuts, and Papa Ginos pizza.

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