Maine: The Fatty Edition

It almost seems like a waste of time to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation in Maine over Labor Day, after all I've written about it twice now (here and here). But I think one of the great things about Maine was that I did things that I wouldn't normally do and barely thought twice about it. Good friends and company make that happen I guess.

So without further ado, here is a summary of all the glorious meals that we ate ... and I didn't forget to take a picture of. Since it was a vacation there were a few "beverages" in there as well ... delicious.

On Thursday night, we went to this place called Shaw's. Nope, not a grocery store. I still curse Meghan a little bit for not telling me to bring my camera. It was gorgeous. We sat out on the deck, watched boats go by, and devoured fried seafoody goodness. Oh you want to know what is in the picture below? Enter: Lobster Stew, Fried Clams, and Onion Rings. Ta-dah.

For Friday's first adventure of the day, we went to this place called Lobby's (also known as Lobsterman's Wharf).... by boat. I loved it even before we got there. The previous evening my fun sponsors had mentioned an alluring Lobster BLT Club. Knowing my love of Bacon, I couldn't ignore it.... and it was awesome. Although quite frankly, I don't want that extra piece of bread in my sandwich. I'm a 2-piece of bread kind of girl. Clubs confuse me in that way. Also, please note how deliciously crispy those fries look.
Since it was Meghan's birthday on Friday - and cause for great celebration - her mom hosted a fabulous lobster dinner at the house. Please note, that cracking open a lobster is on my bucket list. Last year I managed to skirt my way around this task, but this year I did not. (Stay tuned.... this deserves its own blog post)

In keeping with the lobster birthday dinner theme, we had sinfully delicious homemade cupcakes by a neighbor ... with sparkles ... and gummy lobsters on them. Yep, this party was so classy that we used a Le Creuset box as the platter.

In recovery from the birthday festivities the next morning (Saturday), we went to the local diner called Harborside. Having had fond bacon memories of last years feasts, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. This year they added these delectable items called Hashbrown Sticks to the menu. Find them immediately. They are essentially giants hashbrowns and they are awesome.

Since I'm a sucker for getting to meals by boat I knew I'd love our adventure to Boothbay on Sunday night. We went to this place called McSeagulls for dinner and I instantly got overwhelmed by the menu. Too many options. I played the blonde card and gave Meghan the task of picking my meal for me. She did a stellar job. Enter: the Haddock Boothbay. If you don't believe me about the menu size, feel free to look online. Its 16 pages long.

The final meal of the epic Maine holiday was of course a BLT... and came from Coveside. This was also the visit to Coveside that sealed my Foursquare mayorship. This isn't nearly as impressive as it sounds since there is virtually no cellphone reception in this picturesque location so nobody probably even tries to checkin places. But, I am the mayor at least of today. When I ordered my BLT, I was made aware that it was an "award winning" sandwich and frankly that set a high bar - but it was met. Phenomenal BLT. You can also find this sandwich on this site.
Since no meal / day is complete without beverages, the two winners of the weekend would be "Bloodys" and "Pabst-mosas". A bloody seems pretty self explanatory right? A Pabst-mosa, also known as a "brewdriver" is a PBR with orange juice... and it is delicious. I highly recommend you start the trend at your local bar and drain their inventory of OJ.

... and perhaps now you can see why I've been pretty much just eating english muffins this week in recovery. Although, I could most def go for a bloody right now....

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