See Ya Summer

Oh Summer. There you go. You've just left me high and dry.

It's the first official day of Fall and I'm sitting on the couch with a warm cup of coffee. Outside, it's this odd weather mix of fog and 72 degrees and super green Fall grass. Apparently, it's going to pour rain for the next week. So I guess that means I'll be inside doing some baking, prepping for some upcoming adventures, and savoring some couch time.

As an ode to summer, here are some of my favorite snaps of the last few months:

Is 19 pictures to many? I sure hope not because I took about one million during these few months. Some of these events I've blogged about already, some I have not. So, for posterity sake I'll give a brief rundown of where/when these pictures were taken.
  1. Memorial Day at a Beach Friend's house
  2. Memorial Day at a Neighbor's House on the marsh
  3. Father's Day. Morning Beach magic.
  4. Father's Day. Bike Riding around the neighborhood.
  5. Father's Day. Sparklers in the front yard.
  6. 4th of July Fireworks at the Beach
  7. Playing in the high tide (with Dwight the dog) [link]
  8. Checking out the creatures at the beach
  9. Napa trip with MBA friends
  10. Birthday tickets to a Red Sox Game with Little Brother
  11. Union Square Farmer's Market in NYC
  12. 30th Anniversary Party for Mom and Dad [link]
  13. August Night Swimming at the beach with fireworks
  14. JJ's Ice Cream with my brother [link]
  15. Roasted tomatoes from the garden [link]
  16. Pre-Hurricane Waffles with Mom
  17. Post Irene flowers in the yard [link]
  18. Labor Day in Maine. [link] [link]
  19. September beach at home [link]
I'm so grateful that I got to spend the summer at home with my family. Yes, we all work (minus little brother) but we all lived in the same house and walked on the beach, cruised the neighborhood on our bikes, devoured bagels on Sunday mornings, and gathered around the TV to watch "Modern Family" repeats.

Oh Summer. Come back soon.

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