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I love sending things in the mail... and I love getting them. So naturally on a vacation I love the idea of postcards, but I quite often forget to mail them. I go through all the effort (being a bit dramatic) to buy the cards, then I forget to get the stamps. Or sometimes, I probably even write them out and just never send them. Its terrible.

Enter: Postagram.

I saw this smartphone app advertised on the back of one of my 15 magazine subscriptions (yes that number is pretty accurate) and downloaded it pre-Maine adventure. Essentially for 99 cents, you get to send a personalize postcard to a friend, enemy, or loved one. Yep, 99 cents.

Initially, I thought "Hmmm is that too much?". Answer: no.

Say you manage to buy a postcard for 25 cents and then it costs you 29 cents to send it. You are at 54 cents. For a mere 45 cents more, you can send the picture you actually took on your smartphone while you were at the site. Its genius. Personally, I'm against sending a postcard of a place that you haven't specifically been to. It feels like this weird version of lying. "Hi friend, loads of love from San Fran! Wish you were here. But, fyi, I didn't actually see Lombard Street. Just the only decent postcard I could find! Peace out!"

So here is the picture that I used to create the card:

Here is my finished project that came in the mail about 5-6 calendar days since I created it:

There are two slight downsides to this product thus far: square pictures and missing postmark. The square pictures are perfect for the Instagram lovers out there, but for those of us that are iPhone-less, it is a transition. The missing vacation postmark is probably only a downside for those of you that are as nostalgic as I am... and save everything.

All in all. I love this service and can't wait to send more to friends, family, and perhaps even an enemy or two.

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