That crazy lady Irene visited

taken on 8/30/2011 in the morning after the storm

It's been awhile no? Yes, it has been.

Let me fill you in. Late last week the buzz started that this lady Irene was coming to town and she was planning on causing a ruckus. Any by Irene, I mean a hurricane. Long long long story short, she came for sure but only as a tropical storm. {Thanks Nature}. We had no damage to our house and the neighborhood fared well too {victory}. But in all that victory, we didn't have power for 4 days. I've never appreciated cold beverages so much. I've also never been so caffeinated because I essentially drank coffee for 3 days straight working out of a nearby Starbucks. I never want to see another latte {until tomorrow perhaps}.

A few points about Irene:
  • I learned how to most efficiently charge all of my necessary electronics. In fact, I did this at the gym on Monday when I proudly showed up just to shower and watch tv. I didn't work out at all. I didn't even bring sneakers.
  • Our glorious neighbor has a gas stove and made us coffee EVERY MORNING. It was so so so nice of her.
  • The night sky is glorious without any lights in the vicinity. Like unspeakably beautiful. Just makes you want to lie in the hammock and not say a thing.
  • I caught my brother trying to charge his Nintendo DS on one of our emergency battery packs. He looked guilty. Everyone's idea of emergencies is different.
  • Four days without power is too much. I guess I'm spoiled.
  • I tweaked my back picking up all the sticks in the yard. But the funny part was when I attempted to be helpful by burning them. Apparently it was too much smoke and the singing construction workers came over to investigate "the fire".
  • The weather after a hurricane/tropical storm is glorious. It almost makes all the crazy rain worthwhile.
Minot Beach... on Monday Morning

So, now I'm headed to Maine for the long weekend. I am super excited to relax with my friend, look for some seals, and check out those gorgeous stars.

See ya on Tuesday folks.

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