Stars Galore

You know when you rush around so much that you almost miss something super pretty? Well apparently I've been doing that for months.

I have a whole airport routine. It's very organized and as a result, I know where everything is normally and I'm not fumbling around the house at 4 in the morning looking for things. I pack on Sunday afternoons and put my suitcase in the car at night. The last thing I want to do is haul a suitcase (albeit a light one) down the stairs in the dark.

Well, part of the routine involves unlocking my trunk before I leave the house. (For security reasons, the parking attendants at the airport garage check your trunk). Every morning, I always zip outside quick but this morning I dropped my keys. That small change in routine caused me to look around briefly and I noticed how GORGEOUS the early morning sky is.

Literally stars galore.

I'm a sucker for stars. It's one of the best things about suburban life. I've had a few very good stargazing experiences that I can remember. Peru on the Inca trail in 2008 was a great one far from home. Most recently in Maine was also quite phenomenal. So peaceful just floating on a boat, head tipped back, and trying to capture everything. I even *saw* the Milky Way. Yes, I'm sure that is a normal thing for some people but I saw it for realsies, not like when you think you've seen it but you really haven't. I saw it. And. It. Was. Awesome. I also nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw my first shooting star.

So, lesson learned. It's okay to break the routine a little bit every now and then. You may just stumble upon something beautiful that you'd been missing.

Oh. And Happy Monday

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