Maine Teaser

You know when you have so much fun you can barely even make a list of it? Well that is what Maine amounted to. For reals. It was so good that I can't rush a blog post about it. It needs bullet points and links.

Instead, I'm going to just tease you with this glorious picture.
Adventures in Maine
Yep, you have no idea what it means. But be patient and I'll tell you why I'm having a stare off with a giant cozy dog.

Since I forced myself to come home on Monday, it's been rainy and creepily like Fall. I'm not at all in favor of this. The only thing that makes Fall okay? Fleece and ............ my new Hunter boots. After a year of hemming and hawing over color and price {yep, its steep}, I bought them tonight from

After finally deciding on navy last night, I got a rather perfectly timed email from Delta SkyMiles Shopping alerting to 15x points/$ at That was all I needed to pull the trigger. So in addition to my GLORIOUS BOOTS, I also managed to grab 2,325 Delta SkyMiles which is a great plus since it was a purchase I was going to make anyway.

So in closing:
Dear Boots, 
I'm in love with you. Come quickly. I can't wait to take you to the beach and to football games. I hope you like the fleeces socks I picked to match you. I promise you'll like Boston more than the warehouse you currently live.
xoxo, Jen

Boots Image Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

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