Boots, Rain, and Flowers. Oh my.

I have a love hate relationship with rain. It's the if you want to not feel guilty about cleaning out the Tivo in the middle of the day. It's not the if you are interested in being active ... perhaps because you've been trapped in a cubicle all the damn day long.

One more upside? Perhaps you got the pair of Hunter boots you've been lusting over for a year. Oh? That's just me? Well, they came and I used them as much as possible this weekend. I wore them in the yard. I wore them at the BC v UMass football game. I wore them to the fabric store.
This weekend was pretty great for a combo of relaxing / being active. Despite the forecast of rain covering the weekend, I was able to take my morning walk every day and a run on Saturday and Sunday evening. Plus, I'm still thinking about how delicious that Moroccan inspired dinner was on Sunday.

I've lived in walking distance to the beach now for several years and I've never noticed so much goldenrod (at least that's what I think this is) by the beach. It's a stark contrast to the beach rose that blooms by the shore during the summer months.

On my walk home from the beach, I stopped to smell the flowers. Literally. Although I really don't think these flowers have a smell. I was more captivated by the drops of rain that were stuck to the them and hadn't yet been erased by the warmth of the day. I attempted to focus in on some of the individual rain drops but that was a bit of a fail :)

Sidenote: The last two pictures are actually of sunflowers that grow in our yard. My mom slaves over them and treats them like actual children.

Enjoy your Tuesday. Hopefully, life treats you as well as my mom treats her sunflowers.

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