Thankful Thursday: Maine Edition

I could sit in the back of the boat all damn day and watch the water

A week ago today, I was getting ready to take a nighttime boat ride and look at the stars. Seems a far cry from blogging in my bed with a glass of ice water :).

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for water, especially large bodies of it. So boating is right up my alley. One thing that I've never experienced before is nighttime reflections on the water... from the moon. Seriously, one of the most simple and captivating things I've seen. The water was just so calm, the scene so peaceful. Awesome.
 Seems safe right? This is the scene of the paddle-boarding and "brave" swimming adventures.

Other ways I chose to embrace Maine? Paddle-boarding. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this experience but believe me it was memorable. When my "fun sponsors" first put me on the board, I essentially was too terrified to move. Terrified is a slight exaggeration but I wasn't moving. At all. See, I have this odd fear of swimming in water where I can't see the bottom. Standing on a wobbly board with a giant paddle? Seems risky. But I loved it. After some gentle coaxing, I even went swimming off the board for awhile. I'm so adventurous. But seriously, it was awesome. Although, I lived in a little bit of fear that a seal was going to nibble on my toes the entire time. Thus, I kept them above the surface as much as possible. Joking (a little).

More fun? The next day. I got even more adventurous and jumped off a dock. Then, a lovely and lovable St Bernard named Lulu came and towed me to shore. Seriously. It was like out of a movie... and it made me want a St Bernard when I have children inevitably by the ocean. Lovely Lulu and I had a stare down until I climbed up the rocks and away from the water. Such a peach.

 Good thing you can't hear my squeal. I'm pretty sure I'm not a quiet jumper.
Yep, this is for real.

Other memorable weekend moments/highlights? I wish I could keep track of them all, but here are a few:
  • bringing fleece everywhere
  • boating to meals
  • hashbrown sticks for breakfast {yep, like giant hashbrowns. phenomenal}
  • meeting so many people that love Bacon as much as I do
  • not a speck of rain despite the forecast repeatedly calling for it
  • adventures in Booth Bay for dinner - by boat
  • of course, making new friends
  • watching a girl use a light up hula hoop in a bar. yes, that is exactly right.

Oh and fireworks. It was one of my best friend's birthdays and several of her friends put on a bit of a show that we got to watch from the deck of the bar. Can you say perfect? I can. Perfect.

The moral of this story is: how many blog posts can I squeeze out of one trip to Maine. Answer: 4?

Essentially, stay tuned for the other two.

I'm ready to go back. Now.
I'm a sucker for an American flag.

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