One crab. Five ways.

I was recently talking with my friend about qualities that we found to be important in men we'd like to date - and perhaps some day raise children with. Amongst many great personality traits we both doled out as being relatively important, I threw down... knowledgable and comfortable with crabs. I quickly followed that up with the crustacean found by the ocean ... {get your mind out of the gutter}.

Despite my love of the ocean and ever present desire to be near in and in it, I don't like crabs and I don't like swimming in water where I can't see the bottom. As a kid, I can remember picking up a crab or two but that was a million years ago... and even now I won't get within a mile of them. Being an ocean lover, it'd be great to date someone who wasn't afraid of crabs for many reasons. One of which is, I would be able to leap on them when I "felt" a crab approaching. Rumor has it, men like to feel needed and I need them when there are crabs running a muck at the beach.

Anyway. As a testament to trying new things... and enjoying the mornings at the beach, I saw this crab just "relaxing" at the beach last Thursday. I thought it'd be a good opportunity to revisit the "One Shell. Four Ways." post from a few months ago. But, that silly crab was so photogenic I have more then 3 shots. 
I'm torn whether or not this crab was "relaxing" permanently {i.e. dead} or temporarily. I felt like it was "permanent" but I swear I saw him move towards the end. Maybe, he was just trying to get the other seagulls to leave him alone? In some of the pictures you can see quite the "trail" of crawling, which makes me think he was alive? Maybe I just want him to be alive?

I kind of like how the ocean is just in focus... not trying to be artsy. Well maybe a little.

I really like this one for some reason.

It seems super unfair to look at this pictures from my hotel room in Pennsylvania this week. But alas, this is life and I'll be back by the ocean and running away from crabs before I  know it. I'm spending Labor Day weekend in Maine again, so perhaps I'll another one of this post style after that. I think I'm up for the challenge.

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