Weekend Recap

Yikes. How did it get to be February? I'm not totally sure.

I did realize today that since today is the 5th that means my half-marathon is a mere three weeks away. I guess that means I should be booking a hotel room and perhaps planing some sort of outfit. Yep, that's right. I said outfit.

This weekend was pretty relaxing. It was filled with luxurious lady time (manicures and pedicures), apartment touch-ups, and amazing sunny days. I only ran once but that was due to a pesky stubbed toe I blessed myself with on Friday morning. Before you label me a baby, I'd invite you to check out my swollen and multi-colored toe... well, not really I don't want anyone looking at my feet.

So, what did the weekend look like? I'll show you.

Friday. Celebratory dinner at Neptune Oyster with baby sister. What are we celebrating? She snagged herself a new apartment. So, yes. She'll be moving off our street but she'll just be moving a mere minute away. I'll cope just fine. We dominated a serious amount of oysters including ones from my favorite places like Damariscotta, Maine (Pemaquid) and Duxbury, MA (Island Creek). Remember how much I love Maine (here, here, and here)? So good. Well, the evening ended with season two of Downton Abbey on my couch. Perfection.

Saturday. You know that song from Sound of Music "My favorite things"? Well that was pretty much Saturday. Breakfast at Theo's Cozy Corner with my mom and sister. Followed by perusing Polcari's Coffee and pedicures at the new place in the 'hood.  If that wasn't enough, I skipped over to Back Bay and got a manicure and latte with a solid bestie Lauren. 

But I didn't take pictures of those things.... instead I snapped a shot of my Saturday night. A luxurious bath complete with wine, candles, Amazon ... and nachos. That's right. I eat nachos in the tub.
Sunday. I hope you like pictures of Boston Harbor because that's what I'm going to offer you. When I stumble across something that I love an insane amount I can't decide whether to share it or keep it all to myself. That's how I feel about the Boston Harbor Walk. It's bananas awesome .... especially on a day like today. So incredible that I did it twice. Once in the morning with Baby Sister and once on an afternoon run. Don't worry, both times I visited my friends the seals at the Aquarium.

That's all she wrote.

It's a good weekend like this that make 5 days at a desk worthwhile. So in repayment for this weekend, I guess I'll be doing just that. Sitting at my desk.

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