Bright Red Lips

A few months ago I added something to my bucket list and never told you about it specifically.

I added "wear red lipstick for one day".

Seems simple right?

But for a girl who lives in the easy, breezy word of mascara and bronzer ... and in recent years just become less afraid of eye liner ..... red lipstick... is big.

I actually knocked this baby off my list back in December - ironically the very same week that I added it on. That may seem like cheating to you, but it's not. I say so and I'm in charge.

But, it was seriously awesome. I was with a gaggle of ladies at Nordstroms in DC and we were getting our makeup done for an annual Christmas party. I was so timid about the bright red. I normally rely on bronzers to bring myself a little color but this time it was all red lips. You know how sometimes when you are walking around you just feel like people are watching you? Answer yes. Be honest, you know it happens. Well, this time I knew they were looking because a few ladies in the mall specifically commented on the lip color.

So the thing is.... I now own this fabulously red Dior lipstick but haven't worn it outside my apartment since December. I know the bucket list item said "for one day" but I almost feel like I haven't *really* completed it since I can barely apply this fabulously bright and saucy color myself.

So.... this is what I'm going to do. I'm adding lipstick back on the list.... and making it for one week.

I'm not really one for a lot of rules around bucket list items but I almost consider this more of a "challenge" than a checklist item. So here are the simple challenge rules:
- 7 consecutive days
- red must be worn for one day (does not need to be a work day)

There isn't a timeline on this "challenge" but I think I might try to take care of this relatively soon. No better way to brighten up a cold winter day than bright red lips right? 

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