single runners.

standing at the edge of Boston Harbor

I’ve always been “active” …. More or less that is. There have been spans of time when my gym shoes collected more dust than I care to admit, but all in… I would say that you could describe me as “active”.

But, I think only recently you could label me a runner. Scratch that. Runner sounds intimidating to me. I’m a person who runs. That seems better.

In high school, I was actually “on the track team”. But to me this really meant, hanging out after school and eating chicken fingers before track meets. Yes, I took this really seriously. Clearly. Sidenote: during one meet someone inadvertently recorded my time as significantly faster than I was…. And I found myself running the first heat of the 100 yd race. This actually went on for several races before people wised up to what the real story was….

A week or so ago, I was talking to someone at work and mentioned that I’d run been on a run the previous evening. Without much hesitation she asked me … “so are you single because you run or do you run because you’re single?”. A head scratcher right? I can’t even be defensive about this because for me it’s really factual. I don’t know that I’d run as much as I do if I was dating. Dating shouldn’t get in the way of a good weekend / weeknight / rainy day / sunny day run but sometimes it does right? It’s more fun to snuggle on the couch, walk around Crate & Barrel, or walk around the city than pound the pavement solo. I say solo because I'm super self-conscious about how slow I am and believe I make these terrible faces when I'm running. Thankfully there are no pictures, so you'll just have to believe me.

So, if the question still remains... “do you run because you are single?”.

The answer is “yes…” followed by a handful of astericks. I think I’ve truly found a passion slash love for running. I blame the North End and its proximity to the ocean. If I was living in Back Bay or Cambridge, I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed running as much as I do. If I was dating, I probably would not choose to run 4-5 days a week…. Instead I’d be grabbing dinner or relishing in some snuggles.

But, if the question is “are you single because you run?

I hope the answer is No.

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