not quite friday

Things that are not okay with me: 

(1) Bringing sick kids to the office. I mean really? Your kid is sick. Keep them at home, there is a reason your toddler isn’t wanted at daycare. It's for the same reason that I don't want them near me.

(2) Not starting another pot of coffee. I saw you walk out of the break room with a fresh cup of coffee. You know I saw you. It’s not even like this is a hard task. 

(3) Almost swallowing my straw by accident. Well admittedly this is all me and I can't even come up with a rationale explanation for this - but it happened. Oddly enough I'm more shaken up by this than by getting "gently hit" by a car yesterday morning running.

Things that are okay with me? Scoring the last bag of Skittles from the office candy jar 

… and eating them before 10:08 AM. I’m super snacky today at work and I’m sure that it can be attributed to my low bacon intake levels this week. That’s scientifically possible right? I think it is. I’m not sure what it is about Skittles but they are delicious and unlike other sweet sugary treats, I like all the flavors in the bag. Thankfully nobody looks in my trash can and sees all the discarded green candy hearts. They are seriously the worst. 

You know what is not the worst? How gorgeous my neighborhood looked this morning walking to work.


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