changing my tune

I'm terrible at stretching.

I'm not sure why because honestly there is nothing more satisfying than a good stretch after a nap or cozy moment on the couch. So why, oh why, do I refuse to stretch after running?

Since we aren't going to find the answer to that question now, we'll just put that in the parking lot as they say.

But, the need to stretch is becoming critical. I've got a pesky tight muscle in my leg that is doing me zero favors when it comes to running. You'd think I'd put two and two together at this point.... but no.

Yesterday I did something that I'd always proclaimed I'd hated. I went to yoga. I'd always claimed to hate yoga for the following reasons:
(1) classes were too long
(2) couldn't focus
(3) too much weird music / chanting
(4) "outfits"

But. With my leg all sorts of tight and crampy and a "30 days for $30" promo.... I was in on the deal. I figured I  would be happy if I went twice a week (maybe three times) for the month. That's the goal at least.

But (again). I *actually* liked it. The room had big windows along wall that allowed me to see the full moon above the North End buildings - yes for real. The music was awesome. There was no chanting, just two very big "OOOOMMMMMMMS".... which I didn't participate in. Also the class was just over an hour long.... perfect. So I'm totally going back again soon... maybe even today.

To help my commitment, I've actually signed up for GymPact. What's GymPact you ask? Well, essentially its a service that penalizes you financially for not completing your gym commitment. You tell the service "I'll workout X days a week. For every day I don't workout, you can penalize me X dollars". The penalties are calculated on Sundays and the "winnings" distributed to those that fulfilled their pacts. I'm not sure what type of financial windfall I can expect from this but maybe it'll be enough to snag myself a Lululemon headband since I'm pretty sure pants are out of the question.

But the GymPact wasn't enough to get me out of bed this morning for the 6:30 AM class. I actually slept in my yoga clothes thinking that might help me bound out of bed, but it didn't. I used to get up much earlier but my luxurious "live and work in the North End" lifestyle has me in bed much later than I ever used to be. I've turned into a big of a bed slug... but if you saw my sheets and pillows you'd be right there with me.

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