13.1 and check.

Yesterday, I managed to complete another bucket list goal. The half-marathon.

It was a really exciting day and I’m super thankful for all of the digital (and in-person) support I received along the way. I get a little anxious before big days and I hate not fulfilling goals, so I pretty much all out banned anyone from watching the run except my sister. She is a gem that one. Despite a nutters head cold, she was with me at the start, mile 6, and the finish. When I asked her what she did in between our meetings, she responded with “took a few shots of Dayquil”. True story. She also fielded all of the family phone calls patiently about my progress while I ran like hamster.

So this is pretty much how it unfolded.

me and "my pit crew". She was easy to spot in her coyote fur jacket. Not many of those on the streets of Hyannis. 

First peek of the ocean. It looks like we are all leaning weird? 

I'm not sure why I was the only one taking pictures during this event. Some people were way too serious. Come on. This is gorgeous right?

Here I come at mile 6. I told Kerrianne she would be able to spot me because of my neon outfit. Spoiler alert? It's like half the people there all bought from the Spring 2012 neon line. I feel like it looks like I'm walking. But I swear I'm running. I swear. 

Having given up bacon for Lent this literally made me laugh. The most welcome sight at Mile 8. Hyannis has some really weird road names... including "Fresh Holes Road". Yep, that's real.

Half way through the little jaunt my knees started to bother me, which was annoying. Especially since they haven't bothered me in what seems like years. So, boo to that. But, yes. That is a finisher medal around my neck! Victory is mine. Albeit a slower victory than I was expecting. Yes, I know I said last week that I had no time expectations - but in real life I was secretly hoping for 2 hrs. 

And yes, I am almost crying in that picture too. Part of it is because of my knees but it really was because so much more than that. I don't think I realized how important this run was to me. It was more than just a bucket list item. It was also about separating myself from the person I was several years ago. That person, wouldn't have gone to California or started a blog or attempted a half marathon.

Not that you were worried. But the tears were short lived. I immediately also started to laugh as you can see here. That'll happen when you realize how totally out of your element you are and how happy you are at the same time. Plus, it helps when you have a friendly face that lets you quite literally collapse into their arms. 

I'm pretty sure I'll owe my sister for her support for ...... quite awhile. But, I think she'll cash in her chips next week when she moves into a 5th floor walk-up. Yep, that's for real folks.

Bonus. Some great moments?
  • People wear some really great outfits when they are running. I'm not one to talk really. I dress like Punky Brewster but I truly question someone who runs in spandex shorts in February.
  • I followed this guy I called "the hot dad" for like 8 miles. He was really great to fake run with until he called a cranberry bog a strawberry bog. I thought he made a mistake but then he said it twice. He was no longer called "the hot dad". I sneakily took his picture at this moment.
  • Pronouncing at the finish that I would "never do this again" and within 5 minutes was saying that I really felt like I could do it in under 2 hours.
  • My dad giving me a high five when I got home. That was pretty awesome because he was a legit marathon runner. 
  • Finding out that my sister had emailed some of my best friends a picture of me during the race. And then them all replying to it. Amazing.
  • Getting Twitter notifications during the run of friends rooting me on over the interwebs. Who said you shouldn't read twitter and run? 

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