acting like a baby

So, this is the last week before my half-marathon. Last Thursday night, I accidentally looked up how far 13 miles is ... and began to get anxious. This entire time I've been pretty laid back about the whole thing. Training schedule? What's that about? I certainly have no idea. But, the last few days I've been singing a different tune. 

Today was the first day that I knew I had to run but didn't want to run. I knew I had to run today but I think the anxiety of the coming week got to me. So I set my miles goal and hit the road. After 2 miles of cranky running, I knew I needed to shake these feelings. Get back to my relaxed running state of the past few months. So, I sat myself down on a stone wall. Reminded myself of why I was doing this and set out running again. No more acting like a baby.

End result? It was actually a really great run

Visiting an old friend's street

Swinging by South Station on my way to Southie

I didn't even know this existed

So, I'm not totally sure what I should be doing this week - but I honestly don't care. I figure I'll run on Wednesday (maybe) and just remind myself of how exciting it will be when I finish that race. 

Worse case scenario? I can totally crawl 13 miles. It'll just take me longer.

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