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When I coerced my sister into spending a Winter weekend in Hyannis, I think she signed up expecting great views of the water. Thankfully, I was able to deliver those shortly after our arrival as you can see. But there was so many more "unique" moments that we needed to capture for posterity sake.

It was quite a great 36 hours in one town and shockingly enough we will probably go back... and stay at exactly the same place (provided we ever need to go to Hyannis again). 

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the inn, a giant golden cat jumped on the hood of the car ... and then proceeded to get inside the car. We later learned his name is "Astaire" and we were not the first people that he greeted this way. The inn has 23 cats ... and all of them begin with the letter A. Most of them are blonde, which I find to be fabulous.

When you agree to stay in the "aquarium room", you should expect this... but it still a shock upon arrival. And yes, some of those posters are framed puzzles. Something you can't see? A whale t-shirt hanging on the door.

Gorgeous beach views. No snarky or witty marks here. Just a gorgeous, windy Cape day.

Every day from 5:30-6:30 our inn had "wine hour". Which essentially means you all go into a room and drink wine out of "all purpose mugs". True story. There are also a bazillion binders filled with jokes the owner has printed out from the interwebs. At this point we also found out that the inn keeper had a drug addicted son, whose drug of choice was cocaine, and had once been found trying to steal from the safe. Oh, and we saw the housekeeper's whale tale. That's something I really wish I could take back but since I can't un-live it, it must be noted.

Who needs to attend the race "pasta dinner" when you can get buffalo chicken takeout and push your twin beds together? Best way to spend the night.

Hyannis was pretty comical - but what makes it more funny is that one year ago we were living it up baller style at the Waldorf in Boca Raton (here and here). Ah, the difference a year makes.

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