Thankful Thursday: Quiet Beach

I'm thankful for the beach. This isn't a breaking news alert for sure.

But, I'm really thankful for quiet beach time. Last year I started getting up earlier to walk on the beach in the morning with a cup of coffee. Now, it is one of my favorite times to be there. Yes, an afternoon dip is great, but the morning is my favorite. It is just so peaceful.
I took these pictures on Wednesday morning and it was a great way to start my work day.


If you walk quickly along the beach, it could almost appear to be the "same" everyday. But it is when I walk slowly that I see small new things.... like that starfish. So cute. I could sit at the beach all day and watch the water come and go, which is accurately reflected above. Ha, that's kinda like a water joke. Get it? Reflected? Ok, fine.

Weekend goal? Get better at taking pictures of water. This will probably take me to an uncomfortable place... and by that I mean the manual settings on my camera. I never use them.

Another point about quiet beach time? It also exists in the evenings. I'm not a morning runner... ever. It makes me physically uncomfortable. So, I love it when the tide is just right for a long run along the beach. If I run the whole beach, I can get about a mile and a half of ocean lovin', as you can see from my RunKeeper tracked run the other night. 


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